19th-Century Gothic Church Is Transformed into an Immersive Wonderland Inside

Canadian interactive media studio Moment Factory is known for their unimaginable immersive encounters, having worked together with everybody from performers Arcade Fire to the NFL. As of late, they changed Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica with AURA, a mixed media establishment that paid respect to the congregation’s wondrous craftsmanship and engineering.

The 45-minute display joined sound, lighting, and projections that channeled over the whole inside of Notre-Dame, inundating onlookers in the experience. The visual changes plotted out by the studio were intended to increase the sentiments officially display when one enters the lofty space. By enabling watchers to see the historic point recently, they have restored gratefulness for the nineteenth century church.

“Golden particles evoke the basilica’s energy in constant transformation, whispers suggest echoes of its past, its heartbeat flashes as a pulse of light racing across the arches.The basilica is revealing itself through a sensorial language. Everyone will experience something different, will connect with the basilica through their own eyes and senses. AURA inspires a feeling,” Moment Factory writes on their website.


So as to utilize the congregation’s inside as a canvas, the group did an entire 3D sweep of the space, guaranteeing that all subtle elements would be superbly coordinated to the projections. Because of the multifaceted idea of the task, it assumed control over a time of work—including sound account and visual symbolism—to move the establishment from thought to reality. Watchers were welcomed first to meander the space, taking in the work of art introduce in Notre-Dame before sitting for a moment demonstration and getting a charge out of the visuals and music.

Notwithstanding the 21 projectors, 140 lights, and 20 mirrors utilized for the lighting and projections, the first soundtrack created by Marc Bell and Gabriel Thibaudeau utilized 30 artists and 20 chorists, and the church’s organ. The outcomes are a mind boggling change all through the execution, as light, shading, and sound are utilized to make an extraordinary state of mind as the minutes cruise by.


It’s not the first time when Moment Factory is transforming a church. In 2012 they also  changed the exterior of Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia into a vivid light and sound exhibit.



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