Awesome ideas for coffee tables

Coffee tables are made more attractive by books, flowers and trays. Check out these creative ideas which might add extra flair.

  1. A couple of candlesticks and tapers add elegance whereas a small refined tray draws the attention to the action.
  2. 1

  3. An ample coffee table requires a mini bar under de form of a tray full of cocktail ingredients and fine barware.
  4. 2

  5. Rather than stacking books on the coffee table why not try splaying the books out in a grid and layering everything else on top?
  6. 3

  7. The remote control can be out of sight yet easy to get by using a matching set or mixing things up.
  8. 4

  9. Placing a porcelain animal on a box and a coral piece on top of a stack of books will make for a whimsical and yet glamorous display.
  10. 5

  11. A scented candle, a flower vase, a gold urchin atop books next to a bowl of decorative matches is a combination of useful and pleasant items.
  12. 6

  13. If space is aplenty, twin coffee tables would be a miraculous solution. Besides flower vases, a modern sculpture will add height and drama to the spot.
  14. 7

  15. Some of your personal bits, like a precious jewel or calligraphy brushes, can leave your nightstand and add flair which is unique to you to the space where the coffee table lies.
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