Dogs’ dance moves to a funky tune woos more than 6 million people


If you ever have a bad day and all the things seems to go in the wrong way, than you must know there’s a therapy for that. Try to watch a funny video with a dog. Puppies are so funny sometimes.Let’s take this dog dancer, for example.

This stray dog really knows how to dance. His moves are special and in perfect sync with the music. Once the footage of this lovely dancing performance was posted on YouTube it was seen by over six million people who enjoyed the unusual sight. The onlookers are so entertained by his killing moves that he definitely made their day and put a smile on their face.

When the precious dog heard the melody, he just couldn’t help himself from moving. His reaction is going to make your day for sure. This funny dog entertained not only the people inside the car, but his awesome dance moves have brought a smile to all over the internet.

The dog is not trained for this show, he’s just  a neighborhood dog enjoying the music to the fullest. His bouncing to the beats is so adorable that we can’t help but watch it over and over again. The dog is having a blast, and so are we. Who wouldn’t love partying with this little pupper!

Watch this adorable dog in the video bellow!