Enchanting rustic B&B in Tuscany

For those holiday makers who haven’t yet been to the most famous region of Italy, Tuscany, a stay at a noted guest house in the area, Follonico. This B&B will make you feel at home, what with its polished professionalism and genuine hospitability.

This old farmhouse has been restored but the structure has been preserved as true to the original as possible while rustic details such as old unvarnished doors or ladders have been added to enhance its appeal. The guest is invited to experience four different environments for the enjoyment of the four seasons of Tuscany. The passage of time can be tasted, smelt, felt and visualized alongside a panoply of colours.

The region conjures up romantic images of idyllic hill towns showcasing Medieval towers, sunflower fields, rolling hills, cypress trees and breathtaking sunsets.

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