Giant Straw Animals Invade Japanese Fields After Rice Harvest

Everywhere throughout the world, autumn is a season of festivals and Japan isn’t strange of that habit. Since 2008, Japan is hosting in  September-October, the Wara Art Festival, a fiercely creative and fun approach to repurpose rice straw left finished from the collect.

This unusual festival,  started as an inventive coordinated effort between the city’s tourism division and the Musashino Art University. Rice straw was once generally utilized as a part of Japan to deliver different merchandise, for example, tatami mats, however has now been supplanted by wood and plastic in many occasions. The understudies of Musashino cooperated to fill the fields of Niigata with mammoth creature figures made of bound rice straw, and they’ve been doing it consistently from that point forward. A reason more, to visit Japan, in the fall.

Here are some of best festival’s creations this year.








Photos source: Facebook/Wara Art




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