IKEA Just Launched A Pet Furniture Collection And It’s Every Animal Lovers Dream Come True

Have you ever came home and find your furniture scratched and destroyed by your dog or your cat? Well, I’m sure it happened many times, but  from now on, you shouldn’t be worry about this is anymore, because pets could have their own furniture.

IKEA is known because they could offer you all you need to transform a house into a home, but still one thing they’ve generally needed is a gathering of furniture particularly intended for pets, yet IKEA plans to change the majority of that with its new furniture collection, named Lurvig.  In translation from Sweden, Lurvig means “hairy”, so as you probably guessed already, this range is dedicated only for pets. Here you can find everything, from cat tunnels, dog beds or scratching posts.

The collection is available in stores across the USA, Japan, Canada and France.






Photos source: IKEA.com



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