The Most Incredible Roads To Drive in USA

Even if you’re driving to the West Coast to admire the blue Pacific, needing to take in the fall foliage in New England, or going through the Midwest to get a feeling of rustic America, there are some incredible roads on the way.There are highways with sees that could cause wrecks or others are out of the way simply holding up to be found.

So, if you’re preparing for a road trip across United States, here are some of the most amazing roads you must see.


The Pacific Coast Highway, California

With some epic views of the Pacific, The Pacific Coast Highway is not just one of the most famous roads in the USA, but in the world.

The Overseas Highway, Florida

Connecting the land with the Florida Keys Islands, here you’ll be surrounded only by the blue waters of the Atlantic ocean.

Lake Shore Drive,Illinois

With the Michigan Lake on one side and the city on the other, Lake Shore Drive is offering a view like no other road does.

Park Loop Road,Maine

A 27 mile road through the Acadia National Park.

Great River Road,Mississippi

If you’re looking for great views of the Mississippi river, then you definitely should drive on Great River Road.


Route 66,Missouri


Valley of Fire Highway,Nevada


Blue Ridge Parkway,North Carolina

Driving here in the fall is offering you one of  the most spectacular mix of colors, especially in the Lynn Cove Viaduct.


U.S. 101,Oregon

U.S. 101 is a 300 miles road along the Pacific coast.

U. S. 16, South Dakota

U.S. 16 offers you a spectacular view of Mount Rushmore.


U.S. Route 163,Utah

Route 163 gives you an instant view of the Monument Valley.


U.S. 61,Wisconsin

Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee

With no less the 318 curves, Tail of the Dragon is one of the most dangerous roads in the US.



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