Japanese Architect Designs Home with Earthquake-Proof Climbable Bookshelf

The Japanese architect Shinsuke Fujii has designed a little, contemporary home with an inclined divider, located in a slope neighborhood of Yokohama, Japan, nicknamed House in Shinyoshida.

Because of the earthquakes, which are very common in this area of Japan, the architect came out with a brilliant solution. He inserted into the western-facing wall a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. Beside it enables the property holders to easily access books to read, it also act as  shield, in the event of a earthquake.

The bookshelf goes about as a plan point of convergence, however it’s vital to home’s structural stability. Fortified with cement and wood, it expands onto an upper level, which includes a sunlit parlor. Each upright angle  of the bookshelf intensely reaches out into uncovered rooftop bars, emphasizing the home’s striking inside lines.

The house’s oblique exterior features vertical strips of metal cladding in matte charcoal grey. The thin, slotted windows of the kitchen and living-room provide soundproofing from the road, while the bigger upper windows surge the space with light. These are making a house a perfect place for the bibliophiles who also love natural minimalism.


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