Little Airplane Passenger Walks Down The Aisle Saying ‘Hello’ To Everyone She Passes, Sparking Smiles

Flying could be stressful sometimes, but when among the passengers is a cute little girl who’s putting a smile on everyone’s faces, then the problem is solved.

After a 2-year-old little boy who was flying with his family from Kansas City to Chicago fist-bumped passengers to the amusement of all who were there, now this  little girl was starting to spread smiles on the plane she was traveling with. The little passenger  walks down the aisle and salutes all the passengers by saying them “hello.” As you expected, she managed to put a big smile on the others passengers’ faces and more then that, this cute moment was recorded with a phone.

The video, first posted on Facebook, became viral, after it was watched by more than 300,000 people at few hours it was posted.

“We flew from  [The United States] to Peru (and back) this last summer with our 15-month-old. It was going to be two flights as long as eight hours each … I was so scared and stressed but our daughter walked [through] every airplane and every airport waving to everybody, smiling and just being a happy baby. She cried sometimes, yes … but mostly she was happy and just herself, and I think everybody loved her. People were so kind, waving back to her, smiling, talking and just being patient!” shared one of the people who saw the video, while another on said “Oh my goodness so precious! What if we all addressed each other with such warm friendly greetings? What a different world it could be.”

You can see the video bellow! Tell us what you think about it in a comment!




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