Man Can’t Afford To Buy Home, Builds Exceptional Tiny Home By Watching YouTube Videos Instead

When the rent became higher than you afford, you have to find solutions. Is the case of Jason Miles, who has lived in an 600 square-foot basement apartment in Nashville, Tennessee. He initially paid $872 a month in rent, but in the last years the cost has increased to $1,242, more than Jason could afford. So he was trying to find another apartment to live in, but finding a home in his price range has proved to be very frustrating.

“I spent all of 2015 perusing listings and going to open houses, only to have the homes that were in my price range snapped up by other buyers the day they came onto the market, or, in many cases, before the homes were even officially for sale. As a native of Nashville, a lifelong resident born and bred here, I’m somewhat of a unicorn. Nearly a hundred people a day move to my city and most come from other parts of the country where the cost of living is higher. Many come here with lucrative job offers in hand. Needless to say, they’re bringing equity with them and can  easily afford housing. For those of us who’ve been here a while, however, it’s not so simple,” Jason said regarding to his delicate situation.

After few failed attempts of finding a cheaper apartment to move in, he took the decision of building his own home.Miles set out to assemble a 800-square-foot structure on an establishment. He utilized an arrangement for a storage barn, so the tall ceilings would make the tiny house look and feel larger.

Jason has built alone his home, after the watched YouTube video, in order to learn how to do it. He worked daily, after 5 pm, when he came back from work, until 11 pm. In weekends he spent 18 hours to built his accommodation.

The house is equipped with a large bedroom, a full kitchen, a bathroom and a living room. More than that, the house is now evaluated at an $40,000 price, more then he spend to built it.

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