Modern bedrooms -Tips and décor

Tired of the traditional look of your bedroom? Have a glimpse at these ideas that you can use as inspiration:

  1. Lighting is just as important as the furniture and the rest of the decorating. Beside lamps and sconces, pair overhead lighting with task lighting and ensure they all have dimmers so you can make good use of the kind of light depending on your needs.
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  3. This simple modern bedroom has a Hollywood Regency feel on account of mirrored nightstands which add There is a perfect match of the vases on the windowsill and the throw pillows and artworks.
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  5. This spacious bedroom contains two armchairs and an ottoman near the fireplace. The exposed ceiling beams, which give the space a French-country look, are showcased by the neutral furnighings.
  6. Two armchairs and an ottoman are kept near the fireplace in a spacious bedroom

    Two armchairs and an ottoman are kept near the fireplace in a spacious bedroom

  7. Modern décor means no rules, so don’t fuss over matching, just mix it up. The orange bedding suits the architecture, the earthy color evoking nature and thus inspiring quiet contemplation. Together with the furniture, it gives the bedroom a classic cottage feel.
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  9. Again, you don’t need to match the bedding with the pillows of upholstery. Choose floral blanket and pair it with stripes, and the monotony will disappear.
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  11. 6. This bedroom has sort of broken the rules of Feng Shui by placing the bed against the window. Let’s just hope you’ll still wake up full of energy in the morning!
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