Owner Sends Her Horses Out In The Snow. Their Comeback Has The Internet In Laughter

The snowstorms and the cold weather from the East Cost is forcing the pets to stay inside, where the temperature is more friendly. This is no different for horses who are stuck in their stables for days. But one owner have decided to let her horses out in the snow, without having any idea that they would react in this manner.

Most of the horses are loving to play in the snow and they could adapt their bodies very easy to cold weather because of their lustrous winter coat what raises in order  to keep their internal body temperature up. Still, these two have proved that they are not huge fans of the snow.

Even if their owner took some precaution measures by putting blankets on their back, they still consider that the bad weather could affect their health. So, after few steps on to the frozen snow, they decided “synchronized” to go back to the shelter. And the internet can’t stop laughing at their weird reaction.

You can watch the funny moment in the video bellow!

Source: faithtap.com


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