Playboy magazine founder, Hugh Hefner, dies aged 91

Hugh Hefner, the founder of the prestigious adult magazine Playboy, has past away at the age of 91. Playboy Enterprises Inc declared he died, from natural causes at his house in Los Angeles. The most popular adult magazine in the world, was published for the first time, in Hefner’s kitchen, in 1953 and became, across the years, one of the most selling magazines..

Hefner’s trailblazing magazine helped make nakedness respectable in media,in a time when USA could legitimately boycott contraceptives.

It additionally made him a multi-millionaire, bringing forth a business realm that included nightclubs and casinos.

The main version highlighted an arrangement of  photos of Marilyn Monroe initially shot for a 1949 date-book that Hefner had purchased for $200.

Sleeping with more than 1000 women, as he declared, Hefner admitted he used Viagra, even if that caused his hearing loss. but he declared: “love is more important than hearing.”

Across the time, his magazine has presented interviews with famous people such Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro or  John Lennon..

Hugh Hefner was born in Chicago, in 1926 and he worked  for Esquire, a men magazine till 1953, when he decided to borrow $8000 to start his own magazine, Playboy.


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