Plush American B&B for holiday makers

Fancy holidaying in one of the prettiest towns in the USA, rich in history and tourist attractions? Then Greenport Village, NY is the place. Of the great variety of motels, B&Bs, waterfront hotels and campgrounds, let us suggest a lovely plush Bed and Breakfast: The Wells House.

The Tuscan-styled Wells House was built by Captain Wells in 1859 and 8 years ago it was renovated and converted into an elegant and luxurious bed and breakfast. It is filled with fine antiquities and antiques which the current owner has collected throughout the years.

This sophisticated retreat boasts two guest rooms, each complete with its own bath and shower. There is a very spacious ground floor lobby, where guests can enjoy a chat over a glass of wine or nice cup of tea. The covered porches invite guests to breathe the Long Island fresh air and marvel at the breathtaking views.

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