Smart organizing of accessories

It is already common knowledge that accessories are extremely important in turning an outfit from good to great. In case you have difficulties with their storage, check the pictures for some stylish DIY ideas.


In order to organize a bit the chaos represented by tangled necklaces or mismatched earrings, you may consider keeping everything contained behind a full-length mirror. Always try and create a functional and spacious storage piece for all your accessories.


Using a quite limited number of storage boxes, you can give chunky knits a home of their own in a wider box, while gauzier fabrics can be rolled into smaller sizes. Curtain tiebacks can be hung vertically on the back of a door or a wall to hold multiple scarves.


With a wooden frame, some hooks, and wire, you can build a sunglasses display. Following the same idea, your assortment of sunhats can be used to fill empty wall space or an entryway


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