From war hero to white coat: A wounded veteran’s journey to Harvard Medical School

In 2016 Greg Galeazzi was deployed for a year-long in Afghanistan, in order to serve his country. In May 2011, just a month before his returning home, any soldier’s nightmare became reality for captain Galeazzi. While he was conducting a routine patrol, a roadside bomb exploded and ripped off  his legs and much of his right arm.

“The only thing I could do was scream and then I blackout. It felt like I was an empty coke can on train tracks getting hit by a freight train moving at 100 miles per hour. It’s hard to put into words that sickening, nauseating feeling to see that my legs were just gone. I put my head back and just thought, ‘I’m dead, ” recalled the captain.

Few minutes after he passed out, his comrades managed to apply tourniquets to both his legs and right arm and then a a Medivac helicopter took him out from that hell. “What I found out then was that the real nightmare was really just beginning,” he said.

After that terrible moment, captain Galeazzi spent most of his time into hospital, enduring more than 50 surgeries and hundreds of hours of physical therapy. But he never gave up and he was decided to fulfill his newest dream: to became a doctor. “Not only did I still want to practice medicine, but it strengthened my resolve to do it,” Galeazzi explained his decision.

Seven years later, his dream become true. With dedication and  determination, Greg Galeazzi completed 18 premedical courses and after passing the Medical College Admission Test, he was was accepted into Harvard Medical School. Asked  what type of medic he wanted to be, he gave an amazing answer: “A good one.”

Greg Galeazzi’s incredible story should remind us to persist against all odds and to never ever give up, no matter what.

“Even though I’ve gone through this journey, it’s not lost on me how unbelievable this ride has been,” he said.

You can find out more about his touching story in the video bellow!





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