We Designed These Lamps To Grow Plants In Windowless Spaces

We think that plants are playing an increasingly significant role in our urban environment. The conditions for growing have always been the intensive care and plenty of natural light.

So we chose to outline the mygdal plant light to greenery to develop in austere spaces as inns or eateries. It doesn’t require any human consideration like ventilation or watering system. The plant light makes utilization of the physical closeness in the middle of Led and daylight. Along these lines, the plants can perform photosynthesis.

The luminaire is a totally self-supporting biological community where the plants can become undisturbed for quite a long time. The standing light gives another kind of electrically conductive glass covering (patent asked for), which can stream the power undetectable along the surface. There is no more a link association between the force source and the Led essential. This specialized development opens up completely new open doors in greenery outline.

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