If you don’t think your kids need a dog after seeing this video, you must be a cat


Kids and dogs might get so perfectly together, ending up as a great friendship. And that’s because, they have so much in common. Like dogs, kids also love playing in the mud, eating things off the floor, or playing with you when you’re exhausted. A dog can learn your baby to be kind, patient or responsible.

With the proper training, for both kids and dogs, your pet might be the best companion for your toddler, it could provide protection or teach him to be caring with animals. Anyway, there are a set of rules for both parts what must be respected:


Kids and puppies should always be supervised by an adult when they’re spending time together. So always keep an eye on the scene!

Teach your kid to respect dog’s personal space, make sure he’ll understand not to pull the puppy’s ears or tail and not to disturb your pet while he’s eating.

Always pay attention to the puppy’s body language. Be ready to step in if you notice something unusual, because nobody wants to risk getting a little bite.

Heath issues and cleanliness:

It’s well known that kids are much more vulnerable than adults to the illnesses carried by a dog. So take your dog to the vet, regularly.

Your kid must wash his hands before and after playtime.

Make sure that the playzone isn’t near the areas where the dog relieves himself.

Therefore, if you’ll take in consideration this simple rules, than your little baby and your dog could  the best buddies in the world! If you need to convince yourself, watch the video bellow. Don’t forget to tell us your opinion in a comment bellow!