After an Eight-Month Deployment, This Soldier Comes Home to Surprise His Dog

When military personnel are deployed for long periods, it’s challenging for both the soldier and their family. However, the impact on their pets, who can’t understand their owner’s sudden absence, is often overlooked. Troy Glendenning, a U.S. Army E4 Specialist, experienced this firsthand as he spent the last eight months in the Middle East, away from his beloved dog, Posie.

Posie has been missing her owner dearly ever since he left, and has been eagerly anticipating his return.

Unbeknownst to Posie, her human was about to come home. When she was let outside, she sensed something was different. She roamed around the yard, barking, until she spotted him. Troy was unsure of how Posie would react, but her response was even more endearing than he could have imagined.

The moment she saw him, Posie couldn’t contain her joy. She sprinted towards him, jumped into his arms, wagged her tail vigorously, and showered him with affectionate kisses.

Troy and Posie formed a close bond during the COVID quarantine, and their affection for each other was clearly visible during their emotional reunion.

Both of them are overjoyed to be back together, and they plan to compensate for the lost time by spending every possible moment with each other.

Witness their heartwarming reunion in the video below:

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