12-year-old girl belts out flawless rendition of “Perfect’ leaving Pink utterly gobsmacked


Music is therapy for souls. And Victoria Anthony, a 12-year-old little girl lives for music. All she wants in life is singing. She spends every second of her life for music, daydreaming how to became a music star.

When she found out that her favorite artist is gong to perform in her hometown, Victoria was so excited. And, all she wanted was to sing with her. Gratefully, her idol was so glad to hear that. And she invited the sweet little girl to her concert.

Still, the famous artist never thought Victoria will impress the crowd with her lovely emotional cover. Thankfully, the adorable moment was recorded on camera and shared online.

Adorable is that you just can’t make a difference between Victoria’s beautiful voice and her idol’s. All started with the hashtag “#VicAndPink.” The 12-year-old has posted videos and photos using the hashtag, where she begged the famous singer for a chance. That was months before Pink came into little girl’s hometown.

So, during her concert in Vancouver, Pink asked Victoria: “Are you who I read about on the news? Are you the singer? Do you want to come sing something?” This was the moment she dreamed for.

Full of confidence, Victoria walked on to the stage without hesitation. Then Pink  handed over her microphone and  encourage her. Excited, the little girl started to sing “Perfect.” Both, the crowd and Pink couldn’t believe what a beautiful voice this little girl posses.

“Wow. I don’t want to sing anymore!” was Pink reaction, after Victoria finished her adorable performance. A breathtaking moment that Victoria will never forget and neither Pink. The future looks so bright for her.

In the video bellow you can watch how this sweet girl is charming the whole audience, including the famous pop star, Pink!