4-year-old girl bravely takes stage to belt out Sinatra hit making crowd soar from their seat

Even if she’s only 4-year-old, Sophie Fatu is already famous in the entertainment industry. The sweet and charming little girl is known from her YouTube channel, where she sings Sinatra’s hits.

It’s hard for such a talent to be unnoticed. So, despite her age, Sophie has skyrocketed to stardom after her adorable representation on the “Little Big Shots” show.

The little angel made her first public appearance at Steve Harvey’s show. As she loves Frank Sinatra’s songs, her choice “My Way” quickly made the audience to fall in love with this rising star. She may be the youngest person on the stage with such a big crowd in front of her, but the sweet little girl is far from being nervous. She sing Sinatra’s hit so confident and proudly.

The audience is delighted. And not just because she’s an adorable little girl with a voice of an angel, but for her gestures too. Her expressions and her passion while she sings are to good to be unnoticed. With that innocent face and her ringlet hair, Sophie is definitely melting all the hearts in the room.

After finishing her beautiful representation, Sophie receives a deserved standing ovation from her audience. Her mom sits at the piano and you can read her happiness on her face. You must such a proud mom when you watch your little baby stealing the show.

If you haven’t listen this little angel before you should do it. You’ll definitely fall in love with her adorable voice.

In the video bellow you can admire Sophie’s enormous talent!

Source: faithtap.com

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