Touching moment a 4-year-old girl sings ‘You are my sunshine’ to her dying cat

It must be a very special connection between little kids and animals, since it’s always a heartwarming sight to watch them hanging around. Speaking of it,  the special bond between this 4-year-old little girl and her senior furry companion is nothing the less.

Since she was born, Abby find an inseparable friend in the family’s cat – Bailey. The 14-year-old senior cat and the little girl became best buddies and they’ve done everything together. Although the two have shared plenty of tender moments, they used to have a special routine that could melt even the coldest hearts!

The cute little girl comforts her old buddy while singing her songs with the “You Are My Sunshine” as her favorite one. Abby’s mom, Erin, even captured on camera one of their heartwarming moments with Abby serenading Bailey while the cat falls asleep in her human arms. Even more, the cat seems to understand every single word her favorite human is telling. Their lovely routine instantly won everyone’s heart.

But as a sad reality of life, animals live much less than humans. So while Abby was growing up, her kitty was getting older and her medical condition was deteriorating by the day. Until she sadly passed away. But not before sharing one last tender moment with her best friend. Abby got the chance to sing “You Are My Sunshine” one last time to her dying companion.

A couple of hours later Bailey passed away due to some kidney complications. You can watch the touching moment bellow:

Since Abby and Bailey showed the whole world what deep and special a friendship between a human being and an animal can be, the people showed their support when Abby lost her beloved companion. Abby and her younger sister Hannah received countless letters and gifts from people all over the world. Everyone wanted to show their support for Abby’s huge love for Bailey and animals as well.

In a world where you hear a lot of the negative, you’re seeing right here some of the positive,” the girl’s mom wrote, back then. “Thank you to all who sent cards, they loved opening them. You made this difficult time a little easier.”

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