71-year-old Elton John sits at piano with Christmas memory bringing all to tears

There are certain moments which shape the course of your life forever. Every person’s moment is different – but they’re all equally as consequential! These small events divert our destiny from one direction to another in the blink of an eye, even if we don’t recognize it at the time. For Elton John, that moment was one specific Christmas morning when he was a young boy. The Grammy Award-winner received a gift that would change musical history forever…

Elton shared his powerful story about the one gift that altered his life with the marketing team for John Lewis & Partners, a popular department store in the United Kingdom. His tale was going to the centerpiece for their annual Christmas advert – and boy, was it magical.

The video team started Elton’s story by showing his life in present-day and working backward. The advert gives us precious snippets into his life as a superstar today, a struggling artist when he was younger and finally, a small child with an obvious passion for music. Each era showcased in the video provides us with hints as to why he’s able to be such an icon at 71 years old.

When the video finally flashes back to Elton’s life-changing moment, that Christmas morning, our hearts swell with joy. We have an inkling as to what the big gift is – and it’s confirmed when the camera pans over to Elton unwrapping his present surrounded by family.

That Christmas present shaped the course of Elton’s life forever. He pursued a professional career in the industry, made it as a star and is now considered to be one of the best musicians to ever live. Elton’s music inspired millions of people all thanks to one special gift all those years ago!

Take a peek at Elton’s Christmas video below. We had no idea where his love for piano stemmed from!

(h/t: Faithtap)

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