80-year-old granny agrees to go down water-slide resulting in comical footage that’s warming hearts

There are so many people who’re pretending that age is just a number. And they’re so right! All over the internet you may find a lot of videos with elderly people. People who are simply defying their age. From dancing like a teenagers, jumping with the parachutes  or riding the most spectacular roller-coasters in the world, these adorable people are demonstrating us that the age isn’t important. As long as your heart is young!

It is also the case of this adorable 80-years-old lady who agrees to go down on this breathtaking waterslide.

During the hot summer, there’s nothing more invigorating and relaxing as a visit to the pool. This granny from the footage bellow there’s no pool time without having a lot of fun. For few minutes she put aside that she’s 80-year-old. She took her courage and she gets ready for some adrenaline.

Helped by her niece, who even gave her a camera to immortalize the heart melting moment, the grandma is ready for one epic waterslide ride.

Watching this old lady having so much fun, despite her age should remember us to appreciate every single moment of our lives. This little adventure definitely makes her feel young again. Beside that, who said waterslides are just for teenagers?

Watch the video bellow to see this adorable lady in action!

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