The touching moment a stray dog hugs a teddy bear

Homelessness is a huge problem for animals all over the world. Although it is nearly impossible to keep a count, the World Health Organization estimates that around 200 millions dogs around the planet are living on the streets, forced to fend themselves

For those poor, innocent souls a glimpse of love and comfort is all they’re looking for. And while many of them will never get the chance of a cuddle, some of them are so despairing to find consolation, they turn to desperate measures. And this sadder-than-sad snap show the heartbreaking reality.

Seek of being unloved and forgotten, a stray dog finds his comfort in a teddy bear. The touching scene was captured on camera by Yvette Holzbach in Houston and it immediately went viral on social media. “Here is a stray dog taking comfort in a worn out, discarded toy,” Yvette wrote in a Facebook post. “How many of the dogs that we see are also thrown out on the street once they have served their purpose?”

The moving photo has managed to spark outrage online with thousands of people showing their concern for the the dog. One person, for instance, asked the photographer: “Why didn’t you rescue the dog?”

“We can feed up to 50 stray dogs [daily]. Of those 50 dogs we are lucky if we are able to save one because…there are not enough foster homes,” the woman explained. “If there is anyone that does not quite understand what we are faced with we welcome you to do a ride along with us. You will be astounded at how many homeless dogs there are.” And she’s so right!

In a later update, Yvette explained the he captured on camera, wasn’t homeless, but went missing. “We later found out the dog did in fact belong to a gentleman in his 80’s,” she wrote. “His dog had gone missing a couple of weeks before I posted the image and sadly he was never to be seen again.”

h/t: Fox13News

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