Abandoned Border Collie Whose Dirty Fur Held a Painful Secret is Now Living His Best Life

When Nulli’s previous owner faced the unfortunate circumstances of losing his job, he made the heartbreaking decision to leave Nulli behind in search of new employment. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, Nulli resorted to scavenging for food, leading him to encounter a group of other dogs. In a cruel twist of fate, these dogs viciously attacked him, causing severe harm.

Despite the harsh treatment he endured, Nulli remained a good and loyal companion, steadfastly refusing to abandon the place he once called home, even though there was no one left to care for him. It was during this difficult time that Sidewalk Specials, a dog rescue organization based in Cape Town, South Africa, was alerted to Nulli’s plight.

Determined to provide him with the care he desperately needed, Sidewalk Specials swiftly intervened, taking Nulli to a veterinary clinic. The dedicated team was disheartened by the extent of his injuries, discovering that underneath his fur, Nulli had suffered hundreds of bites, inflicting far more damage than initially anticipated. However, despite his painful past, Nulli’s remarkable resilience and spirit shone through.

Thanks to the unwavering commitment of the rescue organization and the attentive medical care he received, Nulli underwent a remarkable transformation. The scars of his past, once evident, faded into the background, allowing his true essence to shine. Observing Nulli now, one would never guess the hardships he had endured. His spirit, unbroken and indomitable, serves as a testament to the incredible resilience that lies within our furry companions.

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