Racing fan caught drinking from secret binocular flask goes viral

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who tried, at least once to sneak some alcohol to a party. Or maybe few beer into the stadium. Because, when an opportunity like this came, it’s fair to say that most of us would go to extreme lengths to avoid paying seven plus quid for a drink.

Anyway, all the stories to heard about sneaking bottles are miles away from the ingeniosity of this young lady. You’re wondering why? Well, it’s simple. She just used a pair of binoculars as a hiding place for her favorite drink. The genius moment happened at some racing event where this lady took part.

The camera spotted this beautiful lady watching a race at Cheltenham Racecourse. And no one ever guessed what she was about to do in the next moments. Instead of cheering, or getting involved in any of the pre-race festivities, the girl was taking a sip from what appeared to be a pair of binoculars.

The funny moment was shortly shared on Twitter by ITV Racing!

And just like anyone else, they were really impressed by the girl’s resourcefulness.

“10 out of 10 for effort on this!”  they’ve described the video.

And the tweet went viral since than. And I really have to admit, while we all are in 2019, this girl is somewhere in 2119. Beside that, just think about all the money she’ll have saved.

And there were some immediate reactions on social media:

“Love this girl! Got to make the best of what you have,” another person said.

And if you want to try this ingeniously method of sneaking drinks at all sort of event, well there are some great news for you. Amazon are selling the genius inventions right now for as little as £11, and they can hold more than 450ml – that’s more than two and a half glasses of wine!

We all have to agree that this is the best thing you’ll see this year, so far. 🙂

Source: Unilad



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