Adorable moment a rescue kitten helps adoptive dad propose to his girlfriend

I’m sure everyone thinks of the proposal moment as a very special one. Not only full of romanticism, but also unique. While most of the guys are looking for some exotic places, or romantic dinners for this big step, this man decided to get use of his girlfriend’s love for cats to do it.

Jerad Forsyth and Kat Woodley med on a blind date a few years ago. After two years together, they decided to share their home with a furry friend, so they planned to adopt a kitten. But Jared took advantage of the moment to propose his girlfriend in the cutest possible way.

The little furry ball they wanted to adopt was Gandalf, a rescue kitty. The couple initially met Gandalf at Jerad’s mom. The woman uses to foster shelter animals, so they got the chance to spend some time with the tiny creature. “We got to know him and fell in love with the little guy,” Kat told the Dodo.

Therefore, in order to officially adopt Gandalf, the couple needed to go to the the SPCA of Erie County. Since Jerad was supposed to be at work, Kat went there alone. But little did she knew what a surprise was waiting for her! So when Gandalf was handed to Kat, a special collar was attached on him neck, with an even special message.

“I thought Jerad was at work,” Kat told Metro. “I was very surprised… They handed me [a cat] and asked me to read the tag. Jerad’s aunt works at the SPCA so I figured she bought us the name tag.” But the tag read “will you marry me?” instead. Shortly after, Jerad made his way in, he kneeled and properly asked Kat if she’ll marry him. The answer was big ‘YES!’

Thankfully the entire moment was caught on camera and the result is nothing, but adorable. Have a look:

h/t: thedodo

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