Adorable moment thirsty squirrel asks tourist for water at the Grand Canyon

When Paul Camps from Gloucester, England decided to visit the spectacular Grand Canyon in Arizona, little did he know he’ll witness such a lovely experience. And it’s not the dramatic landscape that went to his heart so much, but a tiny squirrel found in need of help.

With the temperatures reaching over 89F that time of the year, finding water sources is a very difficult challenge for all the wild animals that live there. However, a thirsty squirrel found a pretty unlikely way to put out its thirst. The cute little thing insistently approached Paul and ask him for some water.

“The squirrel began to follow me and put its arms up to me like it wanted picking up,” Paul told Storyful. The man soon realized the tiny animal is in a desperate need of water, so he immediately jumped to help it out. “I passed my water bottle to my girlfriend so I could take a picture on my phone,” the man said. “And as I did, the squirrel began to put its arms up towards my girlfriend.”

Paul did not take just one picture of the cute little squirrel, but he also caught on camera the whole scene and the result is heartwarming. Watching the thirsty creature holding the bottle with the little paws is so adorable. Thankfully, the man’s kind gesture may have saved the poor little creature’s life as with no water source to find in the right time, the squirrels could have died. Watch the lovely footage here:

Even though squirrels are such adorable creatures, they’re still wild animals who’re able to harm people or to spread disease. Aware of that, Paul said he didn’t drink from the same bottle afterwards. “Needless to say we didn’t drink from the same bottle,” he said.

h/t: MailOnline

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