Sweet video shows a panda having the time of its life in the snow

For grown-ups snow can cause a lot of headaches. From roads closing to isolated areas and delayed flights, bad weather means bad news. But not for everyone, because if you ask a kid, there isn’t a better time to have fun than the cold season. But apparently not only mini humans are focused on the fun parts of the winter, but animals as well!


Turns out when it comes to adorable moments of animals having fun, you won’t find a better combination than a panda and the snow. Given their extremely cute looking, pandas are among those animals that look adorable no matter what their activities are. So watching a panda having the time of its life playing in the freshly laid snow is something that melts your heart, no matter how cold is outside.


This little fella definitely has a lot of fun while tumbling in the snow and acting as no one’s watching him. Well, fortunately the adorable scene was caught on camera!

However, this isn’t the first time we witness an animal totally losing it when stepping on the snow. A couple a years ago, the Oregon Zoo in Portland was forced to close due to weather conditions. But the animals there had a lot of fun playing in the huge piles of snow.

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