Adorable video shows little girl teaching her cats drawing lessons

An extremely adorable footage showing a little girl teaching her two beloved kittens how to draw a flower went viral on Facebook. Taking advantage of school at home, this little girl wanted to practice her drawing skills, but without a proper audience to assist her, she decided to use the family’s cats as model students

Clarinha is one of the millions of kids forced to home school due to the current health crisis. And while for most of the students studying from home might be less interactive, this little girl in Brazil came up with a brilliant idea to overcome the moment. She decided to invite her two furry siblings on her drawing lesson. And not even a Disney studio could hope for a better result.

While Douglas Roberto and Jurandir are sitting tight at the tiny desk their human sister improvised for them, Clarinha starts her step-by-step drawing a flower guide. When the little girl starts to explain the secret that stays behind her work of art, the two cute students are paying a very close attention.

Even the sweet video ends before the lesson is over, Douglas Roberto and Jurandir definitely deserve an A+ for their conscientiously class presence. The heart-warming video was shared on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and since then it gained almost 25 million views. Take a look:

h/t: thedodo

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