‘Aggressive’ rescue albino raccoon can’t stop hugging her adoptive mom

When asked if she would shelter a rescued raccoon, Maxine Baird, the founder of A New Hope animal sanctuary in Georgia, did not hesitate for a second. However, even she raised and sheltered over 200 raccoons, Maxine was a little bit worried about the albino raccoon’s behavior.

When reached her through a phone call, the representatives Georgia Department of Natural Resources, told Maxine the rescued animal is very aggressive and extremely hard to handle. “[The DNR officer] initially just asked us to watch her temporarily while he found placement for her,” the woman told The Dodo. “We only have one raccoon enclosure [at A New Hope], which has another raccoon in it. But since she was described as so aggressive, I assumed that they probably wouldn’t get along, so we were just going to hold her for a couple of days.”

However, the things looked completely different when the albino animal arrived the sanctuary. The poor animals wasn’t aggressive at all, but rather scared, confused and stressed. It turned she went through a lot as she was kept in terrible condition when rescued. On top of that, she also got a pretty bad looking injury at one of her feet. “This was especially sad because raccoons are sensitive in their hands – it’s one of their most dominant senses,” the woman said.

So one day, ignoring all the warnings regarding her behavior, Maxine decided to enter into raccoon’s enclosure. It’s when something really happened. The poor little animal just approached the woman who adopted her and started to cuddle with her. Such a lovely way to thank her!

“I’d been going through some stuff in my personal life, and I was kind of having a sad day, so I went out there, and I sat by her and she came right up to me,” Maxine said. “It was interesting because she hadn’t come up to anyone yet, and she came up and sniffed me, and put her little hands in my hand. Ever since then, she’s been honestly the sweetest raccoon I’ve ever met in my life.”

Now the cute rescue raccoon and her adoptive mom are inseparable and they can’t stop hugging each other. The animal made a fully recover and seems to enjoy her new life a lot. Especially when her mom allows her to stay inside the house.

“She’s so gentle, she’s so loving,” the woman said. “She spent the last couple days glued to my side, sleeping on my lap, having me carry her around, cuddling, giving me little kisses. I just saw a complete 180-degree flip in her personality the minute she was exposed to some kindness.”

h/t: boredpanda

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