Amy Gold and Brett Gorvy’s plush Francis D’Haene-designed NY apartment

Locted on New York’s Upper Wesst Side, the luxury Manhattan apartment owned by art dealer Amy Gold and auction broker Brett Gorvy is a thought-provoking piece of work by famous designer Francis D’Haene and contains a plethora of world works of art.

Amy Gold and Brett Gorvy’s apartment (1)

In 2008 the couple bought this 4,000-square-foot apartment which once belonged to Harry Belafonte and were attracted by the facilities of the building: the clear division of formal and family areas, massive rooms and private elevator vestibule. The place had a prewar feel, which the architect preserved, and was modernized through the reconfiguration of the four bedrooms and the opening of the library so as to create a flowing space with the living and dining areas. The daughter’s bedroom is linked with the den/guest room through a pocket door, its bed is upholstered in lavender fabric whereas the bath, including the ceiling, is papered with purple and gray butterflies.

Amy Gold and Brett Gorvy’s apartment (3)

Furniture highlights include a sleek Patrick Naggar daybed, black lounge chairs, kidney-shaped Vladimir Kagan sofas, three curvy mirrored cocktail tables manufactured by Silas Seandel, an eight-legged Jaime Hayon sideboard, a risqué cat sculpture by Studio Job, a Dutch design team, a tableau of 80 Martin Creed drawings and many more art pieces.

Amy Gold and Brett Gorvy’s apartment (2)

Amy Gold and Brett Grovy’s inspiring home was reviewed in Architectural Digest, impressing the readers with its minimal style blended with modern art thanks to the expertise of architect and designer Francis D’Haene, founder of D’Apostrophe Design, Inc.

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