Amy Winehouse’s London pad waiting for buyer

Mitch Winehouse, the father of the Rehab 27-year-old singer who drank herself to death nearly two years ago, sold her London flat for just £1.98 million/ $3.2 million instead of what he had previously asked.


The 2,500-square feet four-storey estate accommodates three bedrooms, a large dressing room, two baths, a sound-proof music room and a gym. The luxury crib has private front and rear gardens overlooking Camden Square. It has undergone dramatic changes but the modern upgrades did not  altogether sweep away the important original  features in the 1960s style, therefore there co-exist new electrical and heating systems, magnetically secured front door, an integrated sound system  with a majestic vaulted ceiling master suite. As far as the colors go, most of the rooms were sheer blacks and whites except the living room painted in bright red.


Many of the late singer’s fans hoped that the three-bedroom semi-detached house which includes a recording studio would be converted into a charity foundation space so there was great disappointment on their part when it was put up for sale. Yet, the family decided to sell it because, allegedly, they did not consider it appropriate for them to live in it, and the upkeep would have cost them way too much for an empty house.

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