Animal rights activist believes guide dogs should be banned over their inability to consent to work

A British animal rights activist thinks guide dogs should be banned and replaced with technology. According to her, these dogs are unable to consent to work

As Unilad reported, campaigner Wendy Turner Webster shared her unusual opinion on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, explaining that working dogs, including but not limited to guide dogs, sniffer dogs, and police dogs, don’t actually give their consent to be doing a job. Instead, she argued, they are used for the benefit of humans, with no regard for what they might want.

However, she doesn’t think guide dogs to be unhappy or treated unwell, but she pointed that is some cases  working dogs are put into dangerous situations. Like K9 dogs, for example.

“The welfare issues are probably two fold; the first is that they are bred specifically for the program, and the 25 per cent of them that don’t make the grade have to be rehomed. They’re going into a system which is already bursting full of dogs that need to find a new home.

“The other thing is the concern as to what happens when the dog retires; not every guide dog owner can keep that dog. It’s the whole welfare issue around it. We need new technology,” Webster declared.


In response, presenter Piers Morgan asked the activist if she received any consent from her dog when trained him to sit at her command. “I know when I’m putting my animal, or any animal, in a potentially dangerous or vulnerable situation,” she replied.


Further, the TV presenters added:

“Oh you know what, Wendy, why don’t we just let guide dogs do their fabulous work for people who are blind and rely on them and can then get out and about because of their guide dogs?

The guide dogs always look happy to me, the people that they’re helping look happy to me.”

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