Animal shelter tries to make funny low-budget cat adoption commercial – it goes absolutely viral

Homelessness remains a huge problem for animals all over the world. Even though for many stray animals shelters remain their unique opportunity to find a home again, for a large number of these furry friends, it might actually be the end of the line. They just “fail” to get adopted and they’re eventually put down.

In order to increase the animals’ chances to find families willing to adopt them, this rescue organization came up with a brilliant idea. Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelters in Atlanta, Georgia thought that filming an improvised, low-budget commercial would get people to adopt their feline residents. However, little did they know their cat adoption short video would won the internet,

Since the shelter has its headquarters in Atalanta, it was only fitting for a local to star in the hilarious, yet adorable commercial. Therefore the 3 minutes footage’s main character is Paul Preston, whose exaggerated sales methods are nothing but hilarious. He just acts like an outmoded car salesman in his attempts to convince the people of Atalanta to adopt a cute furry ball.

“You like sleepy kitties? We’ve got the sleepiest kitties you’ve ever seen!” or “All of our cats are self-cleaning” and “Our 2016 models are compatible with windows,” are just some of lines Paul uses to convince his “customers.”

Top it off, the man is not even a comedian, but a contractor with a rental property management company. The entire script was improvised and there was an extremely low budget. However, Paul appears to be an extremely funny guy. “If we’d done any of this intentionally, none of it would have been possible,” Preston told In fact that’s exactly why this commercial went absolutely viral winning everyone’s heart.

By far the most adorable scene of the parody is when a brown kitty even gives Paul a high-five. Have a look:

h.t: boredpanda | nypost

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