Australian hero is ‘adoptive mom’ to tens of orphaned kangaroo

Some people carry in their hearts the deepest love and kindness that could ever exist for the seek of animals. One of these heroes is Chris Barnes, an Australian who devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroo in his homeland.

Over the last decade, Chris who’s also known as ‘Brolga’ – the Aboriginal word for the mighty Australian crane, has rescued thousands of abandoned kangaroo. More than that, this angel was a “surrogate mom” to almost 30 little joeys.

Chris started his tireless, devoted work back in 2005, when he founded his first orphaned kangaroo rescue center in Alice Springs. Four years later, ‘Brolga’ has managed to open a 90 acre Kangaroo Sanctuary. Then he starred in the BBC documentary series “Kangaroo Dundee.”

But despite gaining such a worldwide fame, the kind Aussie remained the same humble guy that he has always been. “I’m used to living without much more than a roof to keep the rain out because I’ve done it at various times in my life when I’ve been unable to afford a house. Now I have the best of both worlds,” the caretaker told The Telegraph.

As he admits, this is the life that makes him really happy – far away from the noise and modern world, just he and his beloved kangaroo, in the bush. His daily routine is all about caring for those helpless creature. Feed them, play with them and keep them warmth. And at the end of the day, that’s what makes him a proud man. “I like to sit in my little chair by the back door, drinking a couple of beers and looking out at the sunset as my family comes in to feed,” Chris told The Telegraph. “That’s the life.”

So far, dozens of abandoned and injured baby kangaroo have visited the sanctuary and many of them got back in the wild. All thanks to this hero, whose mission is “to educate and encourage people to rescue and care for kangaroos and other wildlife and animals!”

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