Baby and French Bulldog born on the same day think they’re brothers and they do everything together

It has to be a special connection between dogs and little babies, since it’s really hard to find a more heart-warming duo. Whenever a furry companion and a mini-human team up, the result is simply adorable. And nothing shows this better than the bond between Dilan – a newborn and Farley – a French bulldog.

They not only share a special friendship, but the same birthday as well. Coincidence or not, the two act just like they’re twins and they’re inseparable. “I saw Farley’s birth date and just knew it’s meant to be,” Ivette Ivens, Dilan’s mom told Daily Mail. “I’m pretty sure Dilan thinks they’re both the same species,  as they walk at the same level and are both going through the stage of chewing on everything.”

The 25-year-old Chicago-based mom accidentally discovered her beloved son and the family’s puppy were actually born on the same day. It’s when she understand the connection the two had had since they were weeks old.

The baby and the adorable bulldog are inseparable since they know each other, so they do everything together. They eat, play and sleep together which let their mom, who’s also a professional photographer, the perfect opportunity to take some truly adorable snaps of them.

“Farley patiently plays with him and tries not to snore while they both nap,” the woman said. “It’s honestly the most loving connection – pure, unconditional, irreplaceable and inseparable.” And she’s so right!

The two are so happy together and Ivette hopes they’re remain the same. “Dilan is a chilled-out baby and he’s always happy, but for some reason Farley really cracks him up,” she said. “I love seeing them together.”

Despite being on the same age, the charming Farley sometimes acts like an older brother and shows a lot of responsibility. “He cleans up Dilan’s mess after he eats,” their mom said. “[Farley] always licks Dilan’s neck if he is crying, so he starts laughing out loud.”

h/t: boredpanda | Instagram

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