Baby elephant used for ‘selfies’ dies one day after separated from mother


Human-wildlife conflict must be through the roof, after so many animals are dying because of us. While almost all the endangered species are the result of human activity over the years, on the other hand the people’s stupidity is leading to an immediate  effect on wildlife species. This time a baby elephant passed away because of human stupidity. And the reason of its passing is actually unbelievable and totally unacceptable: a group of people used him for selfies, after they separated him from his mother.

Tense situations between wildlife animals and humans are happening all the time in those areas where farmlands and the animals’ natural habitats are neighbouring. Unfortunately, the wild animals are those who’re suffering the most when human-wildlife interactions occur.

While some of those animals are lucky enough to escape only with some injuries, we couldn’t say the same about this eight months old baby elephant. After villagers in Kurubarahandi, India, chased him and his mother, the little one got separated from her. So the group of people that chased them, thought it might be a great idea to use the helpless cub for selfies.


The elephant’s mom soon returned to the place to recover her baby, but at that time the little one was already taken to a vet. Sadly, the delicate creature passed away in less than 24 hours. A heartbreaking tragedy that could easily be avoided, if those heartless people would have think about the poor animal’s safety and not how to grab their phones for taking selfies, instead.

Unfortunately, this tense conflict between humans and elephants in India looks endless as farmlands are becoming larger every year, leaving the wild animals with no natural habitats to roam in. Almost fifty elephants are dying every year in India because of human-wildlife conflict.

The most heartbreaking part is we could loose elephants for ever, sooner than we expect!