Baby goat stares at trampoline, then pulls stunt that goes viral

No matter how hard your day might be, a cute baby animal will always bring a smile on your face. Especially when it is an adorable tiny goat. Actually, I’m pretty sure it was that what crossed this baby goat owner’s mind, when he decided to take his beloved furball to the backyard trampoline.

Baby goats are such light-hearted, spirited creatures, so when it comes to new experiences that could bring them joy, they won’t say no. And the little one from the footage bellow is no different. A little bit hesitant first, our baby goat then unleashed its enthusiastic side.

Thankfully, the lucky owner caught the lovely scenes on camera! Watching it, it’s clearly that the tiny creature is having the time of its life. It is jumping up and down with tons of energy and it’s impossible to not adore him.

It doesn’t take too long until the jovial goat’s mom noticed her offspring has pulled a stunt into some interesting new activity. So he came a little bit closer to the scenes. However, she’s not disturbing her little one from having so much fun. Anyway, she carefully watches him, just to make sure the baby’s antics are not putting him at any danger.

h/t: luxurylifenews

Watch the hilarious moment, here:

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