Baby koala gives up its mom’s pouch to orphan – is handraised by selfless couple, instead

The animal kingdom has always offered countless inspiring stories. However, when it comes to sharing and kindness, none compares with this one. The story of two baby koalas has stolen the hearts of millions.

It happened at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. A month after giving birth, Kelly and her little baby – Imogen seemed the happiest koala mother-baby duo in the world. Unfortunately, everything has changed in matters of days. Another tiny koala, named Harry tragically lost its mom, days after it was born. A decision has to be made.

After consulting wildlife experts, the Wildlife Park decided to put the younger koala, Harry, into Kelly’s pouch, and hand feed the older one, Imogen. A bold decision given the babies early ages, but the only one that would had offered both chances of survive.

Since Harry got adopted by Imogen’s natural mom, two members of the park’s staff decided to adopt the older baby koala. It is how Imogen ended up living with Kylie Elliot and Matt Radnidge. Aware they need to put their lives on hold, the kind couple accepted the hard challenge without hesitation.

“Hand raising Imogen has been the most challenging and rewarding thing we have ever achieved, Kelly told Inside Edition. “It hasn’t been an easy journey raising a Joey with nocturnal habits and sharp claws – I definitely have a new respect for Koala mothers! Imogen has become such a huge part of our lives, and we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to play a part in her rearing.”

Things went incredible well for both babies. In addition to properly celebrate Imogen’s first birthday, her adoptive parents with the help of the volunteers at the Wildlife Park decided to offer him a photoshoot. However, they decided to share the lovely behind-the-scenes footage first. And the little one has won everyone’s heart with her extremely cuteness.

h/t: insideedition| dailymail

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