People are just learning that baby owls sleep with their faces down and here’s why

Lately, a bunch of cute baby owls went viral and they don’t even know it. It all started when a cute snap showing a baby owl sleeping face down started to make waves on Twitter. A sleeping position that sent everyone into laughter, but the explanation behind it is actually very serious.

Image credits reviewwales/Twitte

Even the cute little owls looks like they’ve party all night long, it turns out they actually sleep like that due to their heavy heads. And it makes all the sense considering that all babies are born with much bigger heads comparing to their bodies.

After the journalist Mark Rees came up with that so funny now viral photo, everyone on social media started to share photos of baby owls sleeping like that, to confirm the theory. “I’ve just discovered that baby owls sleep face down like THIS because their heads are too heavy. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen owl legs before…” wrote the journalist in his viral tweet.

And it didn’t took too long until the theory was confirmed by many other users!

The baby owls’ hilarious sleeping routine has also been confirmed by the National Audubon Society – a non-profit organization. “Their naps are short, and when they are asleep, they do not like to be awakened, even to be fed,” the article reads. However, what’s pretty interesting is the way they hang on the trees with their heavy heads down and do not fall. But apparently it’s because of their hallux. “The hallux will not open or let go until the bird bends its leg.”

Image credits thedustylane

Putting aside the scientifically explanation, watching a baby owl sleeping it might be the sweetest thing ever. And we did not even knew it!

h/t: Twitter | UniLad

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