Bear caught on camera stealing delivery package of dog food

We all know Winnie the Pooh was caught red-handed a few times in his hilarious attempts of stealing the priceless honey. However, I never thought I’m gonna see scenes like that in real-life. But, I guess I was wrong since a viral video of a bear stealing a dog food package is making waves on social media

It happened in Thornhurst, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania where the delivery driver thought it would safe to leave one’s family packages on the house porch. Well, not any more! Apparently, there are a few thieves among the bears community in these woods. After all, why bothering to procure your own food, when there’s a big box full of it, just waiting to be taken!

The hilarious footage, captured by security cameras, was initially shared on Facebook by the WNEP news anchor Jon Meyer. According to him, those who got ‘robbed’ by the furry thief were the Newman family. And while, on the Newmans’ porch were a few boxes more, the little bear has stolen the one with the dog’s food. The smell of it is to be blamed, I’m sure.However, it turned out they received another package, for free.

Watch the hilarious video here:

“This bear stole a box delivering dog food from right off the porch of the Newman family in Thornhurst, Lackawanna County! They contacted and showed this video… and now Chewy is sending more food for free!” Meyer wrote on his Facebook page.

However, this isn’t the first time a black bear attempts at people’s goods. Few years ago, an entire bear family break into someone’s yard to take a bath in their pool! Of course, they captured the moment on camera and the video went viral ever since!

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