Massive bear breaks into Colorado house and plays piano

Imagine you’re coming back from work and you find a bear sitting on your living room sofa. It sounds more like an animation movie, I know…but it is exactly what happened to this young woman in Vail, Colorado.

When hungry, a bear is capable to do anything for some food, including to break into a house. However, it turned out this bear actually broke in for the love of classical music, since the security camera footage later revealed the massive animals played the piano. Well, that didn’t go very well, but at least he tried!

Hawley, a 21-year-old student got really scared when she came back and seen all the mess. So she called the police, thinking some thief broke into her house. But when an officer came, he soon realized the thief was actually a hungry bear. “He was like, that was a bear, not a person,” Hawley said.

Most likely, playing the piano has opened its appetite as the wild animal eat a bag of frozen strawberries and banana, almost a box of flour, some pancake syrup and of course, some delicious peanut butter. “That was the crazy thing,” the young woman said. “He twisted the lid and opened it himself.”

According to the police officer, the bear went in through the kitchen window, after the young woman accidentally left it open. Hawley also said, the bear came back a few times, after the incident, only this time the window was locked. On the other hand, after watching the hilarious footage, the young lady said “the bear is [actually] very cute, but it just scares me he was in the house.”

Over the time, the bears have proved they are masters when it comes to breaking or stealing things. A couple of months ago, a bear was caught on camera when stealing a delivery package of dog food, from a family’s porch in Pennsylvania.

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