Heroic mama bear jumps into lake to rescue her drowning cubs

Just like a human being, a wild animal won’t hesitate to put its life on the line to save its babies. And a mama bear is definitely overprotective, when it comes to its little ones’s lives. However, when her three little cubs was in desperate need of help, witnesses didn’t believed their eyes when saw the mother bear risking her own life to save her offsprings

Earlier this month, fire crew from the South Lake Tahoe Fire Fighters Association in California got a call about three bear cubs in danger of drowning after getting separated from their mom. But soon they got there, they realized the cubs’ heroic mom decided to take matters into her own paws and save the day.

When seeing themselves in deep water, the little cubs started to panic and got stuck not far from the shore, while their mom has successfully crossed on the other side to the shore with one of the cubs. But when realizing her babies won’t see tomorrow, the mother’s instincts immediately kicked in and she jumped into lake to rescue them.

The footage of the rescue shows how the mama bear puts one of her cubs on her back and safely takes him across. By the time the firefighters arrived at the scene, the heroic bear has already adopted her own rescue plan.

“The mother bear was determined to save all three of her cubs herself and ensure that they see tomorrow by continually swimming each one to safety,” the firefighter association wrote on Facebook. “Firefighters were called to the scene for a separated cub that the mother was able to coax into the water and swim it to safety.”

Watch mother bear’s heroic rescue, here:

h/t: Facebook | animalchannel

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