Orphaned bear is reunited with her human rescuer after years apart

While for some of us, a huge 800lbs bear is nothing but a beast, for others it is a kind, lovely creature who shares the empathy its human carers showed to it. And this heartwarming footage shows exactly what bears are – gentle giants

Sonya, the bear, has been orphaned at a very young age. Thankfully, the animal found comfort at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, Otisville, New York, after she has been rescued. Here, she quickly befriend with the staff, but there was on person Sonya had an incredible fond of. The bear and her human carer, Jonathan, used to share a strong bond. Unfortunately, for some reasons, the rescuer has left the center.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

It’s been years since Sonya and her favorite friend haven’t seen each other. But recently, Jonathan decided to pay her a visit, to see if she’s about to remember him or not.

Orphaned Wildlife Center

The moment they first meet each other after years apart is so adorable. The rescued bear not only remembers the man who used to take car of her, but she also remember the adorable game they used to play. They play and hug each other just like two happy kids. Such a lovely reunion!

Orphaned Wildlife Center

“When she was a small cub, Johnathan used to be one of her caretakers,” the man who filmed the adorable footage told Yahoo News. “She has not seen him for many, many, years but recently he came to visit her to see if she would remember him. She not only remembered Johnathan, but also remembered the game they used to play when she was small.”

You can watch the beautiful moment here:

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