Bears rescued from concrete pits finally feel the taste of freedom for first time

Have you ever wonder how it feels like keeping an animal in captivity? Well, just imagine you living in the same room, not for years, but days. I’m pretty sure that’s really annoying. That’s how the poor animals also feel when they’re kept away from their natural habits.

Thankfully, there are still good-hearted people out there who’re desperately trying to rescue animals kept in captivity. And giving them the freedom they deserve it. It’s also the case of no less than 17 bears.

It’s well known that bears need a lot of space to live on. They’re huge animals who use large territories to feed themselves, to mate and to reproduce. Keeping them in a cage is nothing but heartbreaking.

17 bears who have been forced to live in cages their whole lives, were freed by a rescue organization, and the look on their faces as they finally experience freedom for the first time will melt your heart. It happened in Georgia, at the Bear Park. Here, the poor animals were kept in what were essentially concrete pits. They were pits to keep them from climbing out and they were concrete because it’s cheap and easy to clean.

Fortunately the Atlanta Human Society, in a partnership with PETA, helped arrange for these bears to be taken and released in a wildlife sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. So thanks to them, the bears have finally had their freedom to roam and play, and they can finally feel fresh grass and dirt under their paws for the first time.

Watch their reactions! Just lovely.

Source: nicerdays

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