Bedroom decorating ideas

Looking for creative ideas to decorate your bedrooms? Take a look and get inspired:

  1. Unless you turn your bedroom into a stash spot, as many people tend to, it will be a cozy and inviting private place. There should be no chairs in the vicinity of closets or dressers so you won’t feel tempted to leave your clothes on the seat.
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  3. If you don’t want your big walls to be blank, you should hang an extra-large piece of artwork (like this black and white photo) on a large wall, which will make the room feel modern and glamorous.
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  5. Your room will be bright even if it doesn’t get too much natural light, just with transparent curtains wrapping two walls of the room.
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  7. This master bedroom reflects both of the partners by a combination of metallic floral wallpaper and pink headboard.
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  9. Similarly, both partners can feel good in the masterbed by employing different nightstands, feminine and a masculine, so the traditional matching nightstands should be ignored.
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  11. In order to fill a large space on the wall, why don’t you hang several uniform-sized frames containing simple artwork above the headboard?
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  13. Generally speaking, we postpone decorating our bedrooms, as they are not spaces for entertainment. This is such a mistake since we spend one-third of our lives there! This four poster bed is decorated with throw pillows and is accompanied by matching nightstand and chest-of-drawers.
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