Woman gives food to blind raccoon, then hits records when he brings his two tiny “bodyguards”

For more than five years a kind-hearted woman named Eryn took care of a raccoon. The half-blind animal showed up at her door in Illinois, in one day and since then, this truly animal lover left food for him on her porch every single day.

But one day when the raccoon was on his way for breakfast, Eryn noticed he was not alone as two unusual friends were beside him. There were two kittens who seemed to protect him, actually. So when Eryn spotted them, she quickly grabbed her camera and hit ‘record.’ And what a beautiful footage of the raccoon interacting with his friends, she captured!

From that day on, the raccoon and his friends took the breakfast together. After they eat, the black kittens escort him back into the wild. But one day, the cats showed up without the raccoon! The adorable creature passed away. He lived at least five years, far longer than the average raccoon lifespan of one to three years.

And now with the raccoon gone, Eryn couldn’t his friends alone. So the woman decided to adopt the cats welcome them into her family. They even got to make friends with her other family cat.

Thanks to Eryn’s care and the help of his kitten bodyguards, the blind raccoon was able to live a good, long life. Watching this video, you learn many lessons of love and kindness!

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