Blue parrot has the most adorable reaction to his birthday gifts

There have been lots of hilarious tales about parrots. Those noisy companions are nothing but troublemakers, yet we love to have them around. Just like dogs or cats, parrots are making our day better. And when it comes to famous parrots, then Marnie is definitely on the top of the list. The blue Indian Ringneck Parrot is making waves on social media since 2009.

A bird lover, Marnie’s owner got him when he was just a few weeks old. She hand-fed him, she took care of him and she learned him to socialize. Maybe that’s why the bird’s first words were ‘I love you,’ making his mom so proud and emotional.

Surrounded by love, Marnie was alway so kind and friendly, not only with his mom, but with the other members of the family too: Scar, a Macaw parrot, Mr. Pretty Bird, a Cockatiel, Chessa, an African Gray and Bochi, the family’s dog. In fact, Marnie is so adorable and sweet, he acts kind and lovely even with the stuffed animals. And a rabbit is his favorite.

The happy bird started to gain notoriety worldwide, after his mom shared a video of him during breakfast, when he kept saying “You’re so cute,” to his Cockatiel brother. Yet, the most adorable footage of him was captured on camera when they celebrated his fifth anniversary. Of course, no one could have missed the birthday party, including Marnie’s favorite toys. But it’s the bird’s adorable reaction to his gifts what went viral. Watch it bellow:

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